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Martorell Capital Partners is a boutique investment firm that specializes in seeking investment opportunities that offer a unique and rare combination of growth and value. The firm was founded by Angelo Martorell, and has offices in New York, NY and Greenwich, CT. MCP provides its portfolio management services to a select group of clients through separately managed accounts.

We employ an intensive research process that combines fundamental business and industry analysis. We review potential investment ideas based on a thorough qualitative and quantitative assessment that includes an evaluation of how each company is positioned relative to cyclical and secular trends shaping its industry.

MCP specializes in researching, selecting, and managing a concentrated portfolio of investments that meet our strict criteria for business quality, capable management, and favorable industry trends. We are value-conscious investors and we look to buy securities at prices that we believe put the odds firmly in our favor our term.



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Know what you own, and know why you own it.
— Peter Lynch


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